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Christian Vandsø is Senior Director of Digital at LEGO.

He holds a major in Computer Science from Århus University and has a Master in Organizational Coaching from Aalborg University. Additionally, he has completed Leadership training at IMD in Schwitzerland and other places

'Wonderful Leadership' is the umbrella term for Christians uniqe approach to Leadership, which is currently being applied to the entire LEGO group, as Christian was part of the group designing their new (from 2019) leadership model

QuotesFavorite quotes

Mens agitat molem.

Don't get ready, get started

The cost of no decision is bigger than the cost of a wrong decision

Measure Outcomes, Not Output

The only KPI a leader needs, is employee satisfaction

The best leader is not he who can set the best team, it is he who the best team chose to work for

Don't just wonder how, wonder why

There's no dichotomy between thinkers and doers

Stories told are bigger than stories lived

Psychological saftey is a prerequisite for an effective team

My Education

Major in Computer Science

Århus University

Minor in Mathematics

Århus University

Master in Organizational Coaching

Århus University

My Experience

Senior Director of Digital


Development Manager


E-commerce Manager



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Semi professional close-up magician 1990-2012

Semi professional mentalist and public speaker

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